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    1. NHI Headlines

      NHI released | Li Chenglin, Secretary of the Party group and chief procurator of the People's Procuratorate of Liaoning Province, visited NHI and expressed condolences to Mi Zhong


      On August 9, Li Chenglin, Secretary of the Party group and chief procurator of the people's Procuratorate of Liaoning Province, paid a visit to NHI and cordially greeted the NPC deputy Mi Zhongyi. Zhang Bin, President of NHI, warmly received him.

      Zhang Bin reported the achievements of the enterprise's "mixed reform" to Li Chenglin. He said: since the implementation of the mixed reform on April 30, 2019, NHI has introduced the flexible and efficient system and mechanism of Fangda Group and the management means of managing enterprises according to law and prospering enterprises according to law, rapidly adjusted the enterprise's organizational structure and business strategy, and comprehensively stimulated the vitality of enterprise personnel by deeply promoting the reform of cadre selection and taking the principle of "work hard and get more", It has fully stimulated the vitality of employees and drawn the largest concentric circle of working together to overcome difficulties in the increasingly fierce market competition.

      With the full support of Fangda Group, NHI has completely extricated itself from the development difficulties. In recent years, its business performance has continued to improve, the income of employees has continued to increase, and new products and technologies have continuously emerged. Through cooperation with well-known universities and scientific research institutions, it has made breakthrough technological achievements in many fields.

      After listening to Zhang Bin's report, Li Chenglin said that he was very pleased to learn about the actual situation of our heavy industry enterprises in NHI today. Our employees can unite to overcome difficulties, which reflects the responsibility of the working class. He hoped that NHI can always implement the employee centered purpose and make more contributions to the country and the masses.

      Li Chenglin also made a special trip to express his condolences to Mi Zhongyi, NPC deputy of NHI. He said: Deputy Mi came from the masses and went to the masses to convey the party's principles and policies to the grass-roots masses and the voice of the masses to the country. He played a good role as a bridge. He hoped that deputy Mi could continue to go to the grass-roots level, understand the people's thoughts, and make suggestions for national development.

      Liang Xiu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of NHI, and Mi Zhongyi, NPC deputy, accompanied the reception.