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    1. NHI Headlines

      The industrial standard of scraper reclaimer drafted by NHI passed the review of the National Standardization Committee


      On July 27, the reporter learned from NHI that the industry standard of scraper reclaimer drafted by NHI has passed the review of experts of the National Continuous Handling Machinery Standard Technical Committee. So far, NHI has become the drafter of another National Industry Standards, further consolidating the leading position of the enterprise in the industry.

      As the president unit of belt conveyor Branch of China Heavy Industry Association and the vice chairman unit of National Standard Technical Committee for Continuous Handling Machinery, NHI is one of the earliest units in China to develop the research and production of stacker & reclaimer and belt conveyor. It has rich experience in design, research and production. In recent years, relying on the strong financial advantages and information platform of Fangda Group, NHI has successively developed and produced the belt conveyor with the longest conveying distance, the fastest speed and the highest temperature for transporting materials, as well as the automatic mixing and transportation system for Shuangjiangkou Dadu River Hydropower Station, the first high dam under construction in the world. The world largest span bridge scraper reclaimer etc. with the world's leading level heavy equipment. It has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in the industrial application of bulk material conveying equipment. The industry standard of scraper reclaimer has been approved successfully, which marks the technical advantages of NHI in the field of bulk material conveying equipment have been widely recognized, and it has become a leading enterprise in the field of bulk material conveying equipment.