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    1. NHI Headlines

      "Sending honors to enterprises" -- Wang Yang, chairman of Shenyang Machinery and Light Industry Union, and Li Endong, vice chairman of Shenyang Machinery and Light Industry Union p


      On July 19, Wang Yang, chairman of Shenyang Machinery and Light Industry Union, and Li Endong, vice chairman of Shenyang Machinery and Light Industry Union, paid a visit to NHI. Bu Rui, vice president of NHI and chairman of the Labor Union, warmly received.

      Wang Yang and his delegation visited the enterprise culture exhibition hall of NHI and spoke highly of the historical contribution of the enterprise and the achievements of the "mixed reform". He pointed out that NHI inherited and carried forward the fine traditions and craftsmanship spirit of the older generation of industrial workers and played a positive role in all key periods of national development. Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Labor Unions will carry out the "employee story competition". NHI has a deep history, I hope to actively participate in this activity, tell employee stories and show enterprise style.

      Bu Rui introduced the characteristics of NHI and the work of Labor Unions to Wang Yang. He said that NHI has one provincial and municipal model worker Innovation Studio, three staff bookstores, 105 standardized teams, one psychological decompression room and one maternal love cabin. One large indoor table tennis and badminton court, one football court and four basketball courts. In 2022, a distinctive workshop activity station is planned to be built in the workshop for front-line employees to use during work breaks and activities. At present, NHI has two model worker innovation studios, and is focusing on training new model worker Innovation Studio leaders to take over the baton of old model workers and inherit the spirit of model workers and craftsman.

      In the production workshop, Wang Yang and his delegation awarded medals to the collective that won the "Shenyang worker pioneer", and awarded medals and certificates to Tong Hailong, the winner of the "Shenyang May Day Labor Medal", encouraging him to continue to study technology and contribute his value on the enterprise's platform. Accompanied by Bu Rui, Wang Yang and his delegation also inspected the "small home of employees" of NHI, the model worker Innovation Studio, and the staff decompression room of "spiritual post station", and spoke highly of the work of NHI union.