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    1. NHI Headlines

      "Apprenticeship System" -- An Important Bridge Conveying Hundreds of Craftsmen in NHI


      Recently, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, together with NHI and other domestic leading enterprises in the heavy machinery industry, launched a live broadcast of "Craftsman Lecture Hall". Machao, the winner of the special government allowance of the State Council and "Liaoning craftsman", represented NHI for the first time in the national lecture hall of the heavy machinery industry, which attracted wide attention of the whole industry.

      "I am especially grateful to my master. He taught me with his ears and let me quickly improve my skills. Only then can I have the opportunity to spread the craftsman spirit." In the face of reporters, Machao was filled with emotion.

      The "Master Apprentice System" in which the master led the apprentice led to the birth of a group of artisans like Machao in NHI.

      The craftsman spirit has been passed on from generation to generation

      "I would like to stress to you that if you encounter difficult or urgent work, you should consult the masters of each machining bed. Don't just lower your head to work. In this way, the 'worker Pioneer' sign on our wall will be brighter and brighter." Early in the morning, Hu Jianfeng, the foreman of the second shift of machining in the heavy equipment machining workshop, took advantage of the pre shift meeting to cheer up the team members.

      "When my master just retired, I didn't really want to be the monitor. I was always worried that I couldn't lead the team well, smashed the signboard of our team, and humiliated him." The master in Hu Jianfeng's mouth was named Sun Baicheng, who was once a model worker in Liaoning Province and one of the first batch of "Great Craftsmen" in Liaoning Province. "Many people in our class have learned the craft from my master. He never hides it. When I first started work, my master taught me how to clamp, align, set the knife, and what kind of tool to use for what kind of workpiece... He laid a good foundation for our class." After taking over the team, Hu Jianfeng inherited and carried forward the craftsman spirit of Sun Baicheng, and also solved many problems such as accurate positioning and processing of large workpiece hole distance, which greatly improved the efficiency.

      "I also want to learn from the master, accumulate more experience, and then share it with the young workers in the team." Hu Jianfeng said.

      The inheritance of craftsman spirit is a culture integrated into the blood in NHI.

      The master passed on his skills to his disciples without reservation

      Wang Yongxin is a senior fitter of NHI. He has worked diligently and tirelessly on the fitter post for more than 30 years, completed more than 200 technical breakthroughs, technical transformation, technical inventions and other projects, and created a value of more than 20million yuan. It has won many honors such as national technical expert, special government allowance of the State Council, "Liaoning Craftsman" and "Shenyang Great Craftsman". In his own words, he showed his face for his master.

      In 2020, the provincial "Wang Yongxin Skill Master Studio" was officially established. Here, he led his disciples to start a new journey of technological breakthrough and innovation and efficiency creation.

      In order to enable the disciples to fully master the machining theory, basic application processing and other related knowledge, Wang Yongxin pondered the training program as soon as he had time. He also compiled the unique skills and tricks he summarized in the training materials without reservation and taught them hand-in-hand. Through "mentoring" and pairing mentors and apprentices to tackle key problems, 7 senior technicians, 5 technicians and 12 senior workers emerged from the 24 apprentices led by Wang Yongxin. These people have grown into the backbone of production in various posts of NHI.

      Masters and apprentices help young people grow faster

      NHI is a manufacturing enterprise with the ability to design and develop the whole process of mining and metallurgical equipment, which determines the diversity and complexity of NHI’s products, which are the hot land for big craftsmen.

      Recently, NHI is producing a batch of hot cutting machines with high assembly accuracy requirements, but few people have really participated in the assembly of similar products. Although Mu Liang is not very old, he has grown into a technical backbone in the workshop by virtue of his diligence. But the first contact with this kind of eager cutting also made him wonder where to start. Old worker Jin Zhendong, the master, stood up at this time. Under his explanation, Mu Liang gradually became familiar with the characteristics of the product. After a period of study, he learned the tricks of producing this product.

      "I am very glad that I can work on such a large enterprise platform as NHI. Only with such a large platform can I get in touch with more products and projects. Only with such a large enterprise can the system culture formed by the model of teachers leading apprentices be continued, and we young technicians can have greater growth space and faster growth speed." Mu Liang had a deep feeling about the "apprenticeship system".

      "I am also retiring. I want to take this opportunity to leave the assembly difficulties and key points of this product to the young people, so that they can pass on them batch by batch. It is best to find better processes and methods on this basis." Jin Zhendong is full of hope for young craftsmen.