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    1. NHI Headlines

      Employees of NHI publicize the craftsman spirit on the industry live broadcast platform


      Report from our correspondent (Liu Guodong, all media reporter of Shenyang daily and Shenyang daily) on July 6, the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association joined forces with leading enterprises in the domestic heavy machinery industry to carry out a live broadcast of the "craftsman lecture hall". Ma Chao, the winner of the special government allowance of the State Council and a craftsman and skill master in Liaoning Province, delivered a keynote speech entitled "practice craftsmanship, pursue excellence and inherit craftsmanship spirit" on behalf of NHI.

      Ma Chao mentioned in his speech that the growth of artisans cannot be separated from the cultivation of enterprise platforms. NHI attaches great importance to the cultivation of craftsman talents, has set up a professional training base, and is equipped with dozens of various equipment, so that the majority of employees can fully enjoy the "dividends" of enterprise professional training. At the same time, relying on the construction of standardized teams, NHI has promoted the inheritance of craftsman spirit and accelerated the growth of young and middle-aged technical backbones. At present, NHI has established an enterprise vocational skill certification system, institutionalizing the training of craftsmen, adding vitality to technological innovation for enterprises.